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Aquaman is dedicated to making a great product and will stand behind its merchandise. If you have a suit with a broken zipper or the seams coming undone, this is considered a manufacturing defect and Aquaman will repair, or replace the suit for two years after purchase for a defect in the seams and one year for the zipper.

The seams are the part of the wetsuits that are glued together. If the cut is not from a seam coming undone, and was made by a sharp object (most of the time finger nails), Aquaman can’t be responsible. We will fix the wetsuit but the customer will have to pay the cost of repair and shipping.

The warranty is only valid on manufacturing defects, and is not valid due to natural wear and tear to the wetsuit. Please call your store or Aquaman office if you have any questions.

What is Covered by Our Warranty

The picture to the right shows a seam that has come apart. This is something that would be under warranty and considered a manufacturing defect within the first two years.

What is not Covered by Our Warranty

The following two pictures show a puncture made on the neoprene on a seam. Although it is on the seam, the large hole indicates it was made by a finger or something sharp and would not be considered a manufacturing defect .