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Instructions for putting on and taking off your Aquaman Wetsuit

Using a plastic bag on the legs helps to facilitate putting the suit on your legs.

Bringing the suit to just below the calf allows the suit to be snug-fitting in the crotch area.

The suit comes to just below the calf depending on your height. It is very important to make sure the suit is snug in the crotch area.

Putting a plastic bag on your hands will allow the suit to slide easily into position for the perfect fit.

Work the suit up your arm without using your fingernails.

The suit is well above the wrist-watch for maximum flexibility and comfort in the shoulder area.

Pulling the suit up as much as possible enables maximum flexibility in the shoulder.

Making sure the suit is snug under the armpit with the neoprene touching the skin and not “bouncy” is the key for maximum shoulder flexibility.

Using both hands, use your fingers to place the two pieces together like a jacket zipper.

Once the two pieces are together, push down on the small black piece while starting to pull the string down.

Continue to hold the top of the zipper while you pull the zipper down.

Continue to pull the zipper all the way down to the bottom.

Place the zipper cord on the small velcro piece on the wetsuit.

Once the cord is in place, close the large velcro flap over it.

FLASH SYSTEM – Pull up on the cord to open zipper.

To remove the wetsuit, use your left hand to undo the large velcro flap and with your right hand, pull straight up on the zipper cord.

Peel the wetsuit off inside out with the opposite hand in the same way you would peel a banana.

Peel the wetsuit off your legs inside out making sure you don’t bunch up the neoprene at your feet.

Some people sit down for a second to peel it off, but if you have good balance it shouldn’t be a problem.

When removing the legs, DO NOT push straight down on the neoprene as shown in the photo above. You will have a hard time getting the suit over your feet.

Helpful Hints

When you put the wetsuit on, always work your way up and do not pull the suit from the top. Never dig the fingernails into the neoprene as this will result in a tear that sometimes can’t be fixed. Keep the hands flat or pinch the neoprene lightly. A sweaty person will have a tougher time to get into a wetsuit because the textile inside will be dry and the body will be wet. Try to have the socks on or use a plastic bag over the feet to allow the legs to slide easier into the wetsuit.

The main difference between the Bionik and the ADN is that the torso is shorter on the ADN and the legs for the ADN are NOT treated with SCS. The ADN will fit fine if you are 6 feet tall or under.

Aquaman wetsuit care do’s and dont’s