Flexible Zipper Technology

The big secret behind the comfort and flexibility of Aquaman wetsuits.
Only Aquaman offers the “FLEXIBLE ZIPPER TECHNOLOGY”
The Flexible Zipper is built longer so when you reach, it stretches with you instead of working against you. This flexibility gives you 12% more flexibility and an extra 2.8 inches of reach. This added reach gives you a better catch and increased propulsion.
Aquaman has been using this technology since 1985 and is one of many reasons why swimmers who swim with Aquaman wetsuits see the difference between Aquaman and the other brands.

Reverse Zipper

Aquaman Wetsuits was the first triathlon wetsuit company to use the reverse zipper technology.  Having a reverse zipper will stop the zipper from accidentally coming undone during the swim and will allow for a much quicker removal of the wetsuit in T1.

Closing the zipper can be tricky at first but with a little bit of practice can easily be done by yourself.  Below is a slow motion video of how it is done.

Technologically Superior Triathlon Wetsuits

Metal Cell Technology
Neoprene contacts the skin directly, drastically reducing water entry and water retention. Less water retention means faster swim times.

Aquaman Cell Gold – Almost Zero Water Retention
A truly lighter, warmer second skin, the new Aquaman Triathlon wetsuit is rocking the Triathlon world. We have rendered a high performing wetsuit unmatched on the market. We are talking about a breakthrough in the technology of triathlon wetsuit manufacturing.

The Metal Cell used by Aquaman ensures a better swim time. Wetsuit performance depends on the suit’s warmth and lightness, so the best triathlon wetsuits offer direct neoprene to skin contact instead of skin to fabric contact. The ideal suit-to-skin wetsuit design has been difficult to achieve until now, with Aquaman’s introduction of a new and improved neoprene laminated fabric.

The layer against the skin is a thin slice of neoprene called Metal Cell cut at 0.5mm and treated with SCS to facilitate sliding on and off the wetsuit. The Metal Cell is then glued to the fabric already laminated to the exterior of the neoprene. The fabric is no longer visible, but still there as it holds seams together. Sandwiched between the two layers of neoprene, the fabric is no longer in direct contact with the water. Water absorption is therefore minimized, while the warmth factor is maximized since your body has less water to heat.

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Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit Metal Cell Technology

Triathlon Wetsuit Flash System

The Flash System has two purposes.

  1. Fast opening of the wetsuit: The slider on the zipper will open the top Velcro when it gets to the top, which will separate the right and the left track of the zipper.
  2. Also the Flash System will offer complete protection of the neck because the Velcro will be covered by the flap at the top. No neck rashes.

Flash System is available for the ART, DNA, Cell Gold, Bionik and Swim-Function.

Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit Flash System