Triathlon Wetsuit Care and Use Instructions

Use common sense and follow these simple instructions to protect your Aquaman wetsuit and enjoy it for a long time.

Triathlon Wetsuit Dos and Donts


  • Keep your hands and fingers as flat as possible when pulling the suit up.

  • For the best fit, pull up the sleeves and legs as much as possible.

  • To keep water out of your wetsuit, you want to have the feeling that the wetsuit is too short on you. Neoprene must be tight around your wrists and ankles.

  • Rinse your suit after each use with cold fresh water.

  • Store your wetsuit on a plastic hanger with very wide shoulders – especially during the winter.

  • To dry – keep the wetsuit indoors or in the shade.


  • Do not use in chlorinated water.

  • Do not let your fingernails dig into the neoprene.

  • Do not allow petroleum-based lubricant to contact your wetsuit.

  • Do not dry the wetsuit in direct sunlight.

  • Keep away from any heat sources.

  • Do not allow your wetsuit to freeze.

Being now an informed steward and caretaker of the world’s most comfrtable triathlon wetsuits, continue reading to learn best techniques for putting on and taking off your wetsuit.

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