Repairing Your Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit

You’re celebrating one of your best triathlon swim times, when a blemish in your Aquaman wetsuit catches your eye. How did that cut get there? It looks like a crescent moon shape, about half an inch long. Hate to say it, but a cut in your wetsuit is most commonly made by finger nails when grabbing and pulling the suit on or off. It could  also be caused by other sharp objects when the neoprene is stretched. No matter the cause, for small wetsuit tears like this, you can repair your suit!

Start by obtaining a tube of this neoprene glue, then look below at the pictures and descriptions for a quick primer on fixing your wetsuit.

Step One

Hold the cut open as much as possible so that the glue can get deep inside the cut.

Step Two

Using a toothpick or q-tip put some glue inside the cut. Be sure to put glue all over both edges without too much excess.

Step Three

Let glue sit in the cut with the cut open for about 4 minutes. This allows the air to activate the glue.

Step Four

After the glue has had time to bond while sitting open, firmly press down with your finger to ensure the two pieces match up.

Your Wetsuit Repair is Now Complete

The end product will look similar to the picture below. The suit will be left with only a small scar.

Perhaps your wetsuit is not damaged by a small fingernail cut that can be repaired easily, but rather has some other damage. Click to visit our warranty page to see if the damage to your suit might be covered.

If you’ve simply maximized the useful life of your Aquaman wetsuit, and are ready for your next, click the button below to get one stroke closer!