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Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit Return Policy

Before returning your Aquaman wetsuit in the USA and Canada, please contact Emmanuel Millet by calling (269) 358-4856 or use the contact form. For all other areas, contact your local store or distributor.

Your wetsuit may be returned for a full refund if it has never been worn in the water and if the suit is not damaged. Be sure of the fit before going in the water.

Simply put the suit back in the box and ship to:

Aquaman Triathlon
18870 S. Fisher Lake Road
Three Rivers, MI  49093.

If the suit has been used in the water or has been damaged we will not accept the return and will ship the suit back at your own cost. Please contact us before returning your suit. Please see our wetsuit warranty page if your suit has suffered from a manufacturing defect. You may be able to repair minor wetsuit damage yourself.

When returning the suit, roll it gently with the front of the suit on the inside of the roll to avoid any creases.

Thank you for your understanding.

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